MF Call for votes May 2k4

Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 01:01:43 BST

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    Here are the Topics for May 2004 vote:

    1. What is a level in the MOQ?

    2. Does Lila have quality?

    3. How can we apply Robert Pirsig's ideas to our individual and societal
    relationship with money?

    4. Can Pirsig's romantic-classic split and his Dynamic-static split both
    be useful explanations in the MOQ, and how are they related to each
    other (are they different divisions of the same thing or divisions of
    different things)?

    5. Could a film about ZMM and the MOQ, centred around graphic
    depiction's of Robert Pirsig undergoing electro-shock treatment at the
    hands of psychiatrists, with flashbacks to his moments of enlightenment
    and flash forwards to his painstaking re-discovery of Quality through a
    splintered memory, help galvanize a movement that propels the MOQ
    forward to being the dominant world view that Pirsig envisions for it?

    6. Can the MoQ be applied practically? or How can the MoQ be applied

    7. What role could the MoQ possibly play in the future development of
    mankind towards progress, both individually, and as a whole?

    Please vote now and the results will be announced in two days.
    Thank you,

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