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    What is a level?
       A level is a static latching of a tremondous
    dynamic growth. If we look at what defines a level we
    see that they were all (except possibly social)
    created by some of the largest Dynamic movements ever.
     These Dynamic movements have provoked much thought
    and debate among philosophers. This is because we can
    not fully comprehend these Dynamic movements, even
    with the help of the MOQ. I think that to understand
    what a level is and why it makes more sense to see the
    world in terms of these levels, we should look back to
    see how the levels came to be.
       To go from nothing to the inorganic level required
    a giant Dynamic leap. Much theory has been developed
    surrounding the "first cause", be it big bang or
    whatever. I think our inability to understand how
    these levels are created can in large part be
    attributed to the Dynamic movement necessary to create
    them, a Dynamic movement so great we have problems
    fitting it into a static pattern of thought (The MOQ
    is able to do this well, although we are still unable
    to truly understand how these Dynamic shifts could
       The next jump in levels was to biological, the
    great question of how life came to be, how something
    that strives to grow in complexity could be created
    from something that naturally decreases in complexity.

        I am not sure about the Dynamic leap that created
    society, as I am not entirely sure of what constitutes
    the level of society or where it began. Under the
    premise that society only refers to human society, I
    would have to guess that this Dynamic leap would've
    been the development of complex language, although
    this would appear to be more a progressive evolution
    than the leap that was necessary in creating the other
    levels (im sure someone has a better explanation for
       I feel that the Dynamic shift to an intellectual
    level is best explained by Julian Jaynes theory
    (although I think we can all agree that this Dynamic
    shift involved something similar to this). Man was
    not conscious before about 700 BC, the voices in his
    head that grew out of complex language were attributed
    to gods. Once man became conscious he seperated
    himself from society. An evolutionary progress than
    took place at the intellectual level, until intellect
    dominated society. In this way the creation of the
    intellectual change can not really be understood by
    us. Philosophers have wondered for thousands of years
    about this consciousness that mankind has gained, we
    are unable to truly understand how consciousness came
    to be (which we still have, despite clarification as
    to the conditions it began in) or what exactly it is.
    This has created a main point of disagreement between
    materialists and dualists in a SOM.
      I hope that this look back at the creation of levels
    can offer some insight into what a level is.
    Hopefully this'll create more clarification than


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