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Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 19:29:52 BST

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    Hi Folks

    Here's the list of subjects put forward for discussion for June. As always if there
    is a tie I'll select those that have tied and ask for you to re-vote.

    There is only 1 vote per member so please don't go voting for more than 1 topic.

    Please could those interested submit their votes by 9pm GMT Saturday 5th June.

    I will not be forwarding the vote posts to the list but will post the final results around midnight
    (GMT) on Saturday 5th so don't get worried that your post hasn't made it. I
    shall show all the voters on the CALL FOR VOTES final results so if you don't see your name
    on it email me then.

    Any topic that is not used will be added to a page of potential topics which can be re-used at a
    later date if you so desire.

    A reminder - votes and opinions on the May topic are invited.

    On a related note could all those who use HTML email please turn off HTML in their email tools
    as it just produces a load of garbage when I receive it as moderator.

    Anyway, I think I've covered everything so here's the list of topics on which to vote.

    #1 From Sam Norton
    Does the MoQ have any relevance for determining concrete moral decisions? Or is it a
    'meta'-framework, that can be applied and employed in totally different moral
    viewpoints? (I'm thinking of the debate about capital punishment, Pirsig's comments in
    Lila's Child, and also Struan's comments on his review of Lila at

    #2 From Rick Valence (Originally suggested by Nathan Blakeley)
    (Moderator's Note - Further info received from topic originator)
    How can we apply Robert Pirsig's ideas to our individual and
    societal relationship with money?
    The question is how to keep money from being a central motivator in life. I and you live
    in a universe where materialism rules. There are many who do what they do for the buck
    despite having enough bucks to last ten lifetimes.
    The question I have is why do I feel pain and a loss well being when I lose money
    (playing the stocks for example) and feel enormous pleasure and confidence when I
    make a successful trade.

    #3 From Mark Maxwell
    What is the Event stream?

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