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Date: Sun Jun 06 2004 - 22:18:27 BST

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    Hello folks,
    I am new to MF, with some previous experience at MD. I hope to be a
    productive member of the MF group. On to the topic at hand...

    Relation between the individual, society and money is something I have
    pondered over for a long time. And I think the solution is more or less
    clear to me now. The first step is to realize which level money falls
    within, which ties into last month's topic, "what is a level?". I find
    money to lie at the social level, since it is only of value in a society.

    Thus when we get a paycheck, the feeling of joy or good is a social form
    of good. When we do badly in a stock trade, the low quality feeling is a
    social one too. The question becomes much more interesting when we look at
    the relation of money with the individual, or the intellectual pattern of
    static quality.

    By definition, money has no significant intellectual value (except perhaps
    in a mathematical or economical sense), but has plenty social value.
    Seeing money as the principle motivator for any (intellectual)
    achievements in life, feels good sometimes and bad other times, for this
    very reason.

    As people who views the world with MOQ glasses, we are very well equipped
    to solve this problem, which is essentially a conflict of static patterns.
    I still have to perfect the art of living a life of an intellectual in a
    materialistic world, but here is how I do it. I am new at it and may sound
    very naive, but it does work for me.

    I try to do good work. I try not to let things such as money, time or
    other low quality stuff get in the way. I try to keep gumption very high.
    When I have to deal with low quality things such as money, I give them the
    attention they deserve, but nothing more. I never let them be more
    important than the actual intellectual work I am doing. They are
    subordinate to the work. Work done this way produces exceptional
    products/results, and the lower quality things such as money automatically

    Comments would be greatly appreciated. How do the rest of you strike a
    balance between your intellectual (reason for living) patterns and the
    social (necessities for living) patterns?

    P.S: I am not involving the Dynamic, just to keep things simple. But it
    does fit very nicely with the strategy I have described above.

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