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Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 17:22:08 BST

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    Hello pi and everyone,
    The Chris Langton diagram jumps right out at me because this looks like a
    sweet spot.

    I like this pi:
    "Essentially, the lower pattern supports and enforces the higher patterns.
    And at the same time the higher pattern controls and maintains the lower
    patterns. This same relation between patterns is visible with relation of
    money with biological patterns. Money is maintained as a necessary social
    pattern by the strong biological patterns such as hunger, sex, shelter.
    And money works at making sure that it's founding patterns are always
    supported. It is a symbiotic relationship, almost. Without money,
    biological patterns would suffer. Without the biological patterns, money
    would perish, since it would be useless."

    I do not know how you can maximise Intellectual patterns while
    getting control over the lower wilder patterns for free.
    The French value their philosophers like sporting heroes, so here an
    Intellectual has social status and more women (if he happens to be a man)
    than his
    tongue can cope with. ;)
    Education. It keeps coming back to education it seems.
    It's a shame the MOQ wasn't on the curriculum.

    All the best,

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