RE: MF has America given up on Dynamic improvement?

From: Amilcar Kabral (
Date: Sun Jul 04 2004 - 03:01:13 BST

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    Let me be the devil's advocate for a sec. . . .

    I remember way back in ZMM Pirisig talking about the "anti-technological"
    people. He said that some reporters talked about it being a 'movement' but
    when you looked at the people closely they weren't a 'movement' per se just
    a bunch of individuals not liking what they were seeing. Think of the
    difference between the wind from a breeze and the wind from a fan. The fan
    organizes the movement due to rationalized electrical current and mechanical
    movement, the wind just happens because of atmospheric pressure and
    temperature. One is intentional, the other is not.

    Let's apply this to the concept "America". Which one? The conservative or
    the liberal? The political or economic? Gets a little tricky here doesn't

    I remember reading an interview with Peter Drucker a few months ago (long
    time it seems). Of course they were talking about the economy as Drucker is
    one of the management gurus. What stuck with me from that article is that he
    chastised the naysayers for the economy who forecasted recession and
    depression for not understanding the economy anymore. The American economy,
    as a result of Lean Thinking, Business Process Reengineering and a host of
    other re-organizing forces is much more dynamic and agile than years ago.
    the cost of starting and changing a business has dropped dramatically, so
    it's hard to compete here. Of course some goods will be cheaper, in price
    and workmanship, and others won't. But that fact doesn't undermine the
    dynamism of the American economy.

    I'll let that rest there and say . . . and just because people aren't
    reporting dynamism doesn't mean it isn't happening. What if it just isn't on
    their radar?


    But for what it's worth i just saw a book by Jane Jacobs (love her) warning
    of the impending cultural death in the US, which to her signifies the
    shortly-thereafter impending economic death. She gives proscriptions for
    correction too. I'd've purchased it but i think i'm cultural already.

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