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Date: Sun Jul 18 2004 - 00:15:42 BST

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    Republicanism and Victorianism. Let me get up on my soapbox and tell you
    guys about what happened with my analytical knife.

    I don't think that Reagan-era Republicanism (Thatcherism included) was in
    anyway close to Victorian ideals. The PBS series Command Economy documented
    how Reagan and Thatcher put into international politics the policies and
    practices of capitalism, an inherently dynamic system as compared to
    Keynsian gov't regulated economics.

    Of course my 27 year old mind doesn't know much about Victorian era
    anything, but the rigid social values that seem to be implied anytime
    anybody uses that phrase or word seems to be linked, at least in my mind,
    more with New-Deal era changes than the dismantling that went on during the
    early and mid-eighties under Thatcher and Reagan (and now with Dubya's
    privatization push). I'd even go so far as to say that the transformations
    that REagan and Bush made undergirded the unprecedented prosperity that
    America expereinced during Clinton's run as president, and even the dynamism
    in the economy that padded and obviated the recession we should be in had
    the economy not been dynamic.

    The rigid morals running rampant in Republicanism alstwhile dismantling
    social-support such as welfare (individual) and perhaps social-security is
    counter-balanced with advances in individual wealth building and saving,
    i.e. 401ks, IRA's, stock-options and so forth. These allow individuals to be
    more responsible and have more say in the quality of the products they buy
    when they're retired. To me that seems to be on a higher MOQ level
    (individual) than social-security(duh-social).

    So i'd like to ask on a sideline what SPECIFICALLY has people equating
    Reagan-era politics and policies with Victorianism?

    From its inception America has been one of the most dynamic countries. So
    much so that what if the dynamism is so much a part of the culture that it's
    a given (unfortunately). Does a caught fish thrown back into the drink know
    its in water?


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