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Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 17:33:38 BST

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    If you fancy any of these, please vote for one of the octet over the next three days.

    1. Does Lila Have Quality
    Posted by: David Buchanan

    2. Can the MoQ be applied practically?
    How can the MoQ be applied practically?
    Posted by: Sam Norton

    3. Could a film about ZMM and the MOQ, centered around graphic depictions of Robert Pirsig undergoing electro-shock treatment at the hands of psychiatrists, with flashbacks to his moments of enlightenment and flashforwards to his painstaking re-discovery of Quality through a splintered memory, help galvanize a movement that propels the MOQ forward to being the dominant worldview that Pirsig envisions for it?
    Posted by: Glenn Bradford

    4. Is the romantic/classic split from the ZMM model (classic/romantic) really separate from the MoQ? Or are these just different ways of cutting up the same pie?
    Posted by: Amilcar Kabral

    5. Is language a primarily social level phenomenon in the MoQ?
    Posted by: Sam Norton

    6. Are there circumstances in which it is moral to take illegal drugs?
    Are the policies of George W. Bush evil?
    Posted by: David Buchanan

    7. Does the MoQ accommodate Global population management?
    Posted by: Mark Maxwell

    8. According to the MOQ, is intelligence inherited?
    Posted by: Dan Glover

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