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Date: Fri Sep 10 2004 - 19:07:05 BST

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    : 5. Is language a primarily social level phenomenon in the MoQ?
    : Posted by: Sam Norton

    The question -I think- is whether language is a social phenomenon. MOQ
    is not special in this case. Although technically language can be used
    for intellectual communications it always feels like like a low-bandpass
    filter for ideas. Ideas need to be simplified in order to be expressed
    in language. On the other hand people can talk for hours in a manner
    reminding me of monkeys picking flees from each others bodies. Also may
    I bring to mind Wittgenstein who said that logic is the border of
    language and that it is impossible to express transcendental ideas at
    all in clear language. I would say language is a social phenomenon.

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