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    Hi Folks

    > Please note that the URL supplied by Glenn doesn't appear to work. I'll post the correct
    > one as soon as I get it.

    The correct URL for Glenn's question is:

    > #1 From Sam Norton
    > "Is 'subject-object metaphysics' just another word for Cartesianism? If not, is there
    > another description of it that might be recognised by the academic community?"
    > [I'm interested in exploring for connections between the MoQ and present day
    > academia, to try and break out of our ghetto. NB I will return to the language question; I
    > think it got raised prematurely].
    > #2 From Glenn Bradford
    > One page (URL below) of the Pirsig recommended 'Evil Genius' website has a number
    > of bulleted sentences that summarize the metaphorically diseased (according to Lavery)
    > worldview Descartes bestowed upon us. Which of the bullet points does the MOQ
    > subscribe to, and which does it not?

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