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Date: Sun Oct 17 2004 - 14:29:23 BST

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    Matt said: I make sense of
    it is as foundationalism. Find the bottom and build up from there, which I
    would think is why Pirsig falls under it with his reduction to Quality, then
    DQ/SQ, then the fourfold SQ split, on and on.

    DM: This seems to get Pirsig wrong and why he escapes Cartesianism-type
    search for a foundation. He gives us DQ of course but this looks nothing
    like anything that has ever been put forward as a foundation unless you can
    see no difference between western and eastern thought. So that Quality is
    something irreducable, a creative nothing, open to our differentiations
    but undifferentiated itself. Like Heidegger's Being, quality or DQ is not
    something that can be reached by a stripping away of illusions or
    Appearance is rather the richest of experiences, for it to emerge a
    is required. Heidegger particularly refers to language, but for Pirsig
    there are all the levels required for mankind to open a space in which DQ
    can emerge.
    Can we recognise DQ? Well a play of appearance and absense is required.
    So that without SOM we could not have MOQ. Perhaps also vice versa.

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