RE: MF Discussion Topic for March 2005

From: David Buchanan (
Date: Sun Mar 27 2005 - 21:11:15 BST

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    The call for topics hasn't gone out yet and might miss it if I wait until
    next weekend. So here is an early suggestion....

    "the MOQ is a continuation of the mainstream of 20th century American
    philosophy. It is a form of pragmatism, of instrumentalism, which says the
    test of the true is the good. It adds (THE MOQ ADDS!!!) that this good is
    not a social code or some intellectualized Hegalian absolute. It is direct
    everyday experience. Through this identification of pure value with pure
    experience, the MOQ paves the way for an enlarged way of looking at
    experience which can resolve all sorts of anomalies that traditional
    empiricism has not been able to cope with."

    When Pirsig denies that the "good" in his version of pragmatism is a social
    code or "some intellectualized Hegalian absolute" what is he denying
    exactly. What is a "Hegalian absolute" and why is it better to replace such
    things with "pure experience"? Or more generally, what is Pirsig doing to
    Pragmatism here?

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