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    When Pirsig denies that the "good" in his version of pragmatism is a social
    code or "some intellectualized Hegelian absolute" what is he denying
    exactly. What is a "Hegelian absolute" and why is it better to replace such
    things with "pure experience"? Or more generally, what is Pirsig doing to
    Pragmatism here?

    Hello Everyone- interesting topic, this is what I get from this...
    Pirsig is directing against the Hegelian Absolute. When you analyze
    something w/ this frame of mind, you are forced to use passed ways that were
    successful before. There is no dynamics in this. This prevents a
    breakthrough, that could actually prevent an improvement of that particular
    subject. If a problem is solved and it works, then majority accepts it. When
    others try to solve the same problem, they may always take the way that
    worked and try to add on to it. Instead of possibly creating a better form
    of function. If your free of Hegelianism then your problem solving is much
    more open minded. Pirsig is saying experience actions, to open yourself to
    the dynamics of the action. When you experience anything, you discover tips,
    that otherwise you wouldn't have found out (unless a punctual and detailed
    person informs you.) A typical person describes what they do, but not the
    individual actions they took. If you want to try and experience something
    without actually doing it, yo!
     u need an
     extensive interview with a well experienced person (not to mention a bright
    imagination.) For example, something as simple as waving a flag for a race.
    A person says they waved a flag for a race. They do not mention little
    things such as how they held the flag, what they do with their wrist, which
    muscles they are using to perform the waving, and how long they can endure
    before their arm gets tired. These little things are not going to be thought
    of unless you either experience waving the flag or a person who is
    thoroughly interested in waving flags (and I don't know bout you, but I
    don't know one flag obsessor .) Pure experience is genuine and sincere as it
    gets..Also, Pirsig is also denying pragmatism for its lack of dynamics as
    well. A matter of fact way of solving a problem is not a risk, so the
    chances of a discovery are slim. S T A T I C. Pirsig is telling you go to
    against the traditional form of action and improvise. Therefore it is
    preventing a person from using so!
     answer, which will force a person to form a individual opinion. Which
    spells out to me, that Pirsig is trying to influence dynamic problem

    ..I would just like to say that I'm so glad that Ive read Pirsig's books,
    what brilliance he has in forming intellectuals. Beautiful writings. I love
    these books...Jokingly yet serious, it should be a law to read these books.

    Peace and Love
    Dan Doss

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