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Date: Fri May 27 2005 - 21:57:16 BST

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    Hello MFers,

    In the second diagram are you saying that the DQ
    at L1 is different from the DQ at L2 (i.e. also hierarchical)?

    Mark 27-05-05:
    Hi Erin, most definitely no.
    The same DQ applies to all levels:
    In consequence, Pirsig thought 'Quality' was better divided metaphysically
    the Dynamic and static - primarily because the aesthetic, mystic and
    aspects of reality can be taken account of by this dichotomy and, as the
    Dynamic is
    the essential nature of the static, there remains, essentially, only one
    reality of
    Quality, not two. This division of Quality into the Dynamic and static also
    assists his
    metaphysics to explain why an experience of a record or a painting can be
    depending on the viewer.
    Dynamic Quality is the only part of Quality described in ZMM. It is the part
    of Quality about which everyone agrees. The experience of Dynamic Quality is
    the same for everyone, it is only the experiences and objects which are
    associated with the experience which are different. There is no difference
    in the
    liking when the liking is independent of the things liked.
    Dynamic Quality is universal. No-one says that his liking for beans is any
    different to someone else's liking for carrots independently of the beans
    carrots involved. When the differences occur they are the result of the
    patterns which vary from one person to another. (Pirsig, 1993)
    Therefore, although Dynamic Quality is a constant for everyone (though I
    this could never be proved), judgements concerning the same thing are often
    different because each person has a unique life history of different static
    (McWatt 2004 p. 85)

    Mark 27-05-05:
    All the best,

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