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    Hi people,

    We have nine topic suggestions, listed below.

    Most are centred on a particular theme, which has clear overlaps with the
    topic that we have just been considering, more or less fruitfully.

    Votes are invited on the topic suggestions, to be sent as replies to this
    post, by 8am British Summer Time, Friday 2 September, when the new topic
    will be launched.

    In the meantime, comments are invited on the topic proposals. That is,
    because there is such overlap amongst them, there has been a discussion
    amongst the moderator's group about whether to invite such comments, with a
    view to an initial 'sifting' of the proposals. Think of it as an informal
    'single transferable vote' system, to try and develop some sort of consensus
    as to which topic proposal is of most interest. Otherwise we may end up with
    several topic proposals only having a single vote, and we'll have to go
    through the process again. (If that consensus ends up producing a new or
    modified topic proposal, then that can be added to this list. The deadline
    remains in place, however)


    #1 from Case:

    Is "Quality" really a useful term?

    After reading ZMM I thought so; after reading through this site I am not so

    Can a more appropriate term be found in the following list?

    Vanity of Vanities
    The Unknown
    The Way
    (_____ insert term here.)

    #2 from Kevin Perez

    I would like to hear what others have to say about the MOQ's role in
    establishing, in the area of religion, a rational relationship between
    Quality and "the Godhead."

    In the area of Religion, the rational relationship of Quality to the Godhead
    needs to be more thoroughly established, and this I hope to do much later
    on. (ref. ZMM p. 231)

    So I propose the following questions.

    Has Pirsig established this relationship? If so, where? Was Lila, Part
    Three, an attempt?

    #3 from Mark Maxwell
     "Is the belief that one has a Soul compatible with the Metaphysics of

    #4 from Mark Maxwell
    "If one behaved like a Christian in all respects but did not believe in God,
    who would be the higher Quality person - the believer or the other"?

    #5 from Mark Maxwell
    "Is it possable to be a free thinker AND a devout Christian"?

    #6 from Mark Maxwell
    "In order for Christianity to survive as a social pattern it must deny an
    Intellectual level for the MOQ. Such denials must, paradoxically, employ
    Intellectual patterns in order to succeed."

    #7 from Mark Maxwell
    "An MOQ analysis supports the surprising conclurion that Christians value
    narcissism, directly contradicting there own teaching."

    #8 from Mark Maxwell
    "The church of England is a social organisation who's members do not live in
    the real world"
    Discuss from an MOQ percpective.

    #9 from Mark Maxwell
    "An MOQ analysis suggests Christianity is a cult."
    Cult n specific system of worship; devotion to a person, idea, or activity;
    popular fashion. Collins Gem English dictionary.

    From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth,
    From the laziness that is content with half-truths,
    From the arrogance which thinks it knows all truth,
    O God of truth, deliver us.
    (Leslie Weatherhead)

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