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Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 11:06:44 BST

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    ( , it's hard to completely deny that "devotion to a person, idea
    or activity" doesn't, at least in some sense, reflect the MOQ discussion group.
    Surely, we are all at least devoted to the "activity" of discussing Pirsig's
    philosophy. In varying degrees many of us are also feel devoted to the "idea" of
    the MOQ itself. Finally, there are certainly those among us who feel a certain
    amount of devotion to the "person" Robert Pirsig. )

    In that sense, all internet / usenet groups have cult charactaristics but can we
    call them cults ? Like cross word puzzle solvers or sudoku enthus ? We meet
    here 'cos we have similar interests and want to share our thoughts.

    As one of our friends said, all cults have ' us Vs.them' attitude and are
    basically isolating in nature. Here, what are we opposing ? who are we opposing
    ? None and nothing ! This is an open ended discussion.

    Another thing is that, Mr.Robert Pirsig's active involvement in this site /
    discussion is absent, thus, another key cult trait is absent. Mr.Pirsig, to the
    best of my knowledge, has never proclaimed ' these people are my disciples /
    followers' thus, creating a ' heirarchy', another cult trait.

    And most cults, as we see, have some HATE element that binds them together,
    overt or latent. Another thing, element of ' faith ' is absent here. As one of
    our friends said, ' an internet study group can never become a cult , since
    element of coersion / brainwash is absent and netizens are free to contact
    opposing viewpoints.' Love is the binding force here, not hate. Thinking brings
    us here, not closing of brains.

    And I wonder how many of our friends here are ' devoted' to Mr.Robert M.Pirsig,
    in literal sense. I for one, admire him.

     ( On the other hand, is it possible that "devotion" to something could actually
    come about as the RESULT of a process of free thinking? Or does being a "free
    thinker" mean that one can never finally settle upon, and bind oneself to any
    conclusions at all? )

    LOL ! ' Peter Principle' is in operation here, methinks. A fellow, by virtue of
    his free thinking, develops devotion to someone or something and after that, all
    free thinking stops. He reached, as Mr.Laurance J.Peter would have said, ' his
    level of incompetence' ! LOL !


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