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Subject: LS Relaunching LilaSquad as a "slow reading" list
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Keith, Miv, Andreas, etc,

Certainly "slow reading" seems a good method for tackling Pirsig's Lila.
The basic principle seems to be to make a genuine effort to understand
the author's thoughts rather than jumping into one's own ideas or
about the author. It would appear to be good practice in English
comprehension to do so too.

The rules for focus seem reasonable. If people find a particular issue
interesting and want to 'pursue topics that do not arise from the current
chapter' then the MOQ Discussion group would be the place to thrash out
those ideas without irritating those in LilaSquad.

'I think 2 weeks is too short a time for a chapter. Three weeks seems
minimal to me.' - What I suspect is going to be the case is that some
chapters are going to be difficult to cover in even three weeks whilst
other chapters will run out of stream before the end of two weeks. A two
week target sounds about right to me; I suppose that if once we start we
find that the time frame is too restrictive then the rules can be altered
if everyone agrees that that is the right thing.

Miv's suggestion of posting highlights or summaries of the MF discussion
on the early discussions seems good but given the extensive coverage of
the material in MF and the slow down in posts at the end spending a long
time on 1-3 might lead to some people becoming bored and discouraged.

I like the Andreas's post on a 'spirit' of the group, certainly an
accessible group for newcomers would be a good thing. An attitude which
says that no genuine question or point of view can be truly stupid and
should be treated with respect not with an attack would allow everyone to
benefit. As Andrea says people should be allowed to make mistakes and
explore a little as this would seem to be the best way to encourage
dynamic quality.

Lee Lawrence
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