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From: Andrea Sosio (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 11:20:15 BST

Nice to have you back in the discussion, Elephant.

While I agree that we have no evidence insofar of the fact that we all share the
"same" consciousness, whatever that means, I think we have none of the opposite,
too. If I can add my 2 cents here:

Persons, Conciousnesses - these are different concepts... Once you recognise that
the static patterns (the identification of distinct persons) is overlaid on a
continuum, one thing which this removes *immediately* is the possibility of saying
something crass (which of course you do not in fact say) like 'we are all one'.
Such a statement severally supposes and asserts precisely the kind of static
pattern it claims to be transcending: 'one', 'all', 'we'.

True. (No offense intended - trivial too?)

Transparently, from the moment we enter language to report on the affairs of 'we'
and of 'I', *we are not one*. My consciousness, a consciousness of DQ attached to
a particular SQ history, is a different consciousness from yours.

What makes you define consciousness as something that inherently has a particular
SQ attached to it? Perhaps you see consciousness as something that is
intrinsically related to a point of view, its perceptions, and so on. And you seem
to blame this on language, but that's not true IMHO: language has "me", "I", "we",
but nothing that says that these concepts apply to "consciousness" (which is, I
think, what you are debating). Maybe the post you are replying to was based on
the idea of a -lets say- "something" that makes up your consciousness and mine, so

you = (the) Consciousness + all your personal SQ history, context, etc.
me = (the) Consciousness + all my personal SQ history, context, etc.

Or you could replace the "+" with a "with". (God in your body with your past is
exactly you, God in my body with my past is exactly me, isn't He).

Just a thought.

Andrea Sosio
Tel. (8)9006

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