Re: MD An Introduction to the Metaphysics of Quality

From: Jonathan B. Marder (
Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 19:05:09 BST

Hi Dan, Diana and all,

I think that Dan's enthusiasm for the LC project and Diana's reticence stem from
the same thing. Looking through the LS/MD/MF archives is a great experience. As
a discussion list, it contains some wonderful and excellent posts. It also
contains some mediocre material, but one has to remember that the archive is
simply a record of everything that was ever posted. On this basis, the archive
scores high marks - full credit to Diana for initiating and guiding the LS!

Dan has tried to put the inspirational material into book form. It would
certainly be nice to see all the archived material weaved into coherent form.
But IMO, LC as a book scores much less highly than the archive scores as an
e-mal list archve. This is not to discredit Dan - I'm not sure if what he wants
to do can be done.

I still think that there is value in doing some more serious writing in the form
of essays on the MOQ web site. Personally, I have a few ideas that intend to
compile into another essay, but I have yet to find the time and enegy for it. I
think that all of us should be thinking in these terms. Maybe some of the essays
can be worked up to form chapters of a book. I wonder what RMP thinks about all
the essays that have emerged so far in response to his novels and the MoQ
dscussions! Has he ever commented?


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