Re: MD An Introduction to the Metaphysics of Quality

From: Dan Glover (
Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 22:51:17 BST

Hello everyone

Jonathan Marder wrote:

>Hi Dan, Diana and all,
>I think that Dan's enthusiasm for the LC project and Diana's reticence stem
>the same thing. Looking through the LS/MD/MF archives is a great
>experience. As
>a discussion list, it contains some wonderful and excellent posts. It also
>contains some mediocre material, but one has to remember that the archive
>simply a record of everything that was ever posted. On this basis, the
>scores high marks - full credit to Diana for initiating and guiding the LS!
>Dan has tried to put the inspirational material into book form. It would
>certainly be nice to see all the archived material weaved into coherent
>But IMO, LC as a book scores much less highly than the archive scores as an
>e-mal list archve. This is not to discredit Dan - I'm not sure if what he
>to do can be done.

Hi Jonathan

I tend to agree with you and it is one of the most frustrating aspects of my
work. I didn't just one day wake up and decide to put LC together. I really
didn't want to do it at all. Bodvar talked me into it and then it gnawed at
me. I tried to put it down and even came very close to deleting it one dark
night when the world was closing in on me and it seemed the best thing to do
was to give up on silly notions like putting a book together. I really had
no time for such nonsense. But for some reason I didn't.

I have never been as deeply involved intellectually in any project such as
LC in my life. If I get nothing more from the experience than the experience
itself that is fine with me. LC is not meant to be inspirational, however.
It is just the archives. That's all. There is bad and good there just like
anywhere else. I guess it all just depends upon where one focuses.

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