Re: MD An Introduction to the Metaphysics of Quality

From: Richard Budd (
Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 23:03:33 BST

Hey all,
First, Dan--- when you've got the new version up, send me an email.

Diana--- Just a thought.... I noticed that one of your criticisms of LC was
that the posts were "outdated." This may see, obvious, but while they may
be outdated to you, they aren't for anyone else in the world who has never
read them. Imagine if everyone who participated here read LC... it would
save new members and all who are intersted in things MoQ from being forced
to reinvent the wheel for themselves... and it would save dozens and dozens
of redundant posts asking questions on topics and subjects that have been
'done to death'.... (people could still invent their own wheels and ask all
the questions they'd like of course... they just wouldn't be forced to). LC
could be a static latch for the early thoughts of this forum. And once we've
latched, our freedom to explore new territory is increased.
    On a more personal note, despite what you personally may think about
your early posts (and those of the others) presented in LC, I found them
both interesting and helpful and I can only imagine that others would as


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