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Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 14:35:21 BST


> I think I'll put a more strongly worded warning about copyright
> on the website. Hopefully that will discourage further abuses.

Along with that you might offer "one taste" of reality. Something like:

"This website and related sites, their URL's , and email list servers
are privately owned, funded, and operated. The site owner is solely
responsible for the content and any material submitted or posted to the
site without prior written acknowledgement of copyright becomes the
property of the site owner for use at their discretion. Even if
copyright acknowledgement is given the site owner can give no assurances
that the information will not be copied and used in ways that may
violate those rights."

People need to understand that is not an organization. Nor is
it a democracy. It is a private website operated by the largess and at
the discretion of its owner. As such, it is at best a benevolent
dictatorship. If Diana decides to pull the plug on either an individual
(like me for my cheekiness), a group, or the whole site it is solely her
call for better or worse. Likewise if you wish to have a link to your
site removed or something previously submitted to the site removed it is
solely her discretion to do so.

If you don't like or don't understand the rules don't play the game.

What is ironic is that a site based in China has it's knickers all
aflutter about copyright issues while the ongoing discussion and quoting
from an American novel is slowly but surely transferring a majority of
that novel to the site, abeit, 250 words or less at a time.


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