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From: Jonathan B. Marder (
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 16:01:27 BST

Hi Dave, Diana and all,

> What is ironic is that a site based in China has it's knickers all
> aflutter about copyright issues while the ongoing discussion and quoting
> from an American novel is slowly but surely transferring a majority of
> that novel to the site, abeit, 250 words or less at a time.

Ah Dave, you missed an important point.

What I said for posts goes for novels too . . .
>Posts MAY be cited with proper attribution.
>Posts MAY NOT be republished without permission.

In my experience, it is considered perfectly legitimate to quote extracts from
texts, and this is common practice in academia. However, it is considered a
copyright violation to "reproduce" substantial parts of the original.

I know that with scientific papers, one is expected to get permission before
reproducing tables or diagrams. The rules for novels may be a bit different in
the details, but the principals should be similar. I think it is okay to have
passages of Pirsig's novels interspersed with annotations and commentary. It
is these additions that make it legitimate.

The specifics discussion archives may be different again, but I see it as
If Dan creates a book where the MAIN VALUE is material "lifted" from the
LS/MOQ archive, I think that there are many reasons to object. However, if Dan
writes a book where he makes various points of his own and illustrates them
with properly attributed quotes from the archive, I think that would be okay.
I even think it would be a WONDERFUL idea for someone to do this. IMO it might
make for a first-rate Ph.D. thesis.

I think that there's a lot to think about here, and I am sorry to see Dan and
others unsubscribing rather than try and reach a consensus on the issue.


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