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Okay, hopefully this is the last thing I'll say about LC.
Mailing lists are used for brainstorming and developing ideas.
A post to a mailing list is a working paper, not a finished
product. I don't mind people reading the earlier posts to as long as they understand the context. I just object
to a BOOK because it turns an unfinished product into a
finished product. It's like wearing your pyjamas to the opera.
They might be nice pyjamas you'll look like a hick who doesn't
know the score if you wear them in a formal context.

However it does seem that there is interest in a book of
essays (yes real essays like grown-ups write!). I would
suggest the first thing to do would be to appoint an editor or
coordinator. The idea of an MOQ book has come up many times in
the past as well, but like all other MOQ projects, it won't
happen unless someone suitably qualified takes responsibility
for making it happen.

By suitably qualified I mean.

1. Has the will to make it happen. This is the most important
thing because if you don't believe in it, and in YOURSELF, then you'll give up as soon as the problems start. (and they

2. Editorial skills, ie the ability to pull the essays
together with a common theme, plus the ability to write and
help others write coherent essays.

3. Thorough knowledge of ZMM and LILA.

4. A degree (preferably phd) in philosophy - because if you
don't then you'll be like a stranger in a new town without a
map, it doesn't matter how high your IQ is or how strong your
intuition, eventually you'll take a wrong turn, that would
have been obvious to someone who knows their way around.
However it's also possible that this position can be
contracted out to a philosophical adviser.

My nominations would be:

1. Jonathan Marder - Just because he's the one person I can
really imagine would do whatever it takes to bring it to

2. Anthony McWatt - obviously qualified, but not sure if he'd
be interested.

3. Elephant - as I've just learned he has degree in
philosophy, masters thesis on Plato etc..

Any other suggestions?


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