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From: david wilkinson (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 11:36:15 BST

I think that a book would be a great idea, but I think that the suggestion
of it not being "worthy" as it means a finished product is diometrically
opposed to what we should be standing up for. Why does a book have to
represent a finished article, this is subject object thinking. Why not
explain at the very beginning that it is not intended to be like other
books, this would also generate a point of difference which would be a
marketable commodity. Purely based on the subject matter a definitive
article is impossible, however a juxtoposition of views should average out
and give a truer reflection of the nature of the beast. As for publishers,
I really dont think that the demand would make it viable for publishers to
produce it, especially given the current market conditions (books being
relegated whilst computers recieve the limelight) however publishing over
this - the internet - would be a better option. Your point about the
pyjamas is also a tad contradictory if you are passionate about MoQ. In
what way does a person miss out on the quality experience of an opera - none
whatsoever, add this to the fact that pyjamas are almost certainly more
comfortable than formal attire and you start to question the validity of the
formal wear. Once again this points to a subject object conditioning. The
reasons we wear formal attire to such events is historic and has nothing to
do with a better experience and everything to do with social standing. This
is why movie theaters became popular, as the working class in america
despised the concept of a burgouise class and started causing a rucus at the
high class entertainment, such as opera, the higher class priced the lower
class out of such events and the cinema was accessable. It is exactly this
mentality that prevents a closer understanding of qualilty. I will add that
I am not really informed enough to make a fair comment about this subject
(the production of a book)

How about a book that describes all the things that are grotesquely wrong
with society, explain them as a perversion of MoQ and show how MoQ would
further our society by giving viable alternatives, this would create far
more interest than an obscure concept (to the majority of people) and also
impart some much needed awareness of the problems we are facing, as I know
for a fact, most people dont really have a clue about what is going on.
This would raise awreness of the subject of MoQ and hopefully induce further
interest on this fascinating subject.

enjoy, evolve

david wilkinson
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