Re: SV: MD In Defense Of Socialism?

Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 02:36:15 BST

To Gerhard, Platt and Countryforce
>From Rog The Capitalist Pig

I do have a sincere hope that you are joking.

I am of course having fun with you all in the nature of getting a dialogue
going. The american stuff was a silly tongue-in cheek "my dad is bigger than
your dad" response to anti-american stuff earlier.
If not, I would start by asking why quality for the few is better than
quality for the many, and how MoQ are supporting such an idea?

Which few? The poorest in modern regulated free enterprise economies do
quite nicely (if willing) and frequently work their way to the top. I have
personally been a member of every economic class. It really is pretty easy to
suceed here -- in all different types of ways.
Since you are not talking about communism, but socialism as a whole, I would
also add that you could need a minor update to what is going on outside USA
with regards to politics.

I am all ears (and snout)
1 - Most socialist coutries is doing very well.

Cool. Are they command economies or mixed? I consider most of Europe mixed
with a strong leaning toward free enterprise. It does differ though.
Correct me..all ears again.

 2 - Sosio-biological bullshit. We would never where we are by doing
everything as individuals.

I agree 100% That isn't my argument. My argument is for the interaction of
people and alignment between individuals to others and to society as a whole.
Sound better?
 3 - Another missunderstanding - you either centrelixe the power to a few
rich persons (capitalism) , or to a set of persons elected every 4 -7 th
year. And I'm talking about real elections, not american elections.

PIGLET (Son of Hamlet -- oops that would make me a Great Dane-- yuck yuck!!):
See my response to David Evolve. You do not grasp the extent of
decentralized power between diverse forces in modern economies.
 4 - MoQ is to me a foundation for collective quality, and not for individual

Odd. Could you explain further?

 I would say that US is way, way below most others.

Yeah, but my dad can still kick yer dad's ass! ( I really was just teasin')

Where you from Gerhard?

Talk to me, my new friend,

Rog the Capitalist Pig (but willing to mend his evil ways)

PS -- Thanks Platt. If you and Countryforce would cover my back I would
appreciate it. We are surrounded!

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