Re: MD In Defense Of Socialism?

Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 02:34:12 BST

To: Horse
>From Rog The Capitalist PIG

If we're going to debate this subject then the least you (and everyone else
come to that) could
do is to ensure that the terminology and definitions are correct. Mistakenly
Socialism for Communism and vice versa is little better than mistaking
Capitalism for
Fascism - although the distinction in this case is probably moot :-)

You know the point. Lets chat. If you want to discuss your "libertarian
socialist" ideas, the same questions hold. And the 50's to 70's is pretty
much the dark ages of the once Great Britain isn't it? Oink Oink! :^)

Later my barnyard buddy,

(don't worry lurkers, we go way back)

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