Re: MD In Defense Of Socialism?

Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 03:35:25 BST

Rog wrote:

 The selfishness that we have been
 taught is terrible, as it prevents us from reaching this intelectual freedom
 that we talk about. Slfishness based around quality is good....
 And who gets to decide? You? Or the shallow folks? I'll tell you that my
 21 year old daughter will be pretty pissed if she can't get name brands.
 Shallow? Maybe, but no more so than all the pretty shell necklaces and
 feather hats of our hunter-gatherer ancesters. Pretty harmless really.

I think the fact that companies have control over young minds is not as
harmless as you say. It is a lower level suppressing a higher one. In this
case, it's social Quality (desire to fit in by spending money on a brand
name) suppressing intellectual Quality (idea of individuality). Of course,
as people grow older, for the most part, they stop caring about wearing name
brands and all. i just heard billy corgan singing, 'cast the pearls aside,
of a simple life in need.' good message. anyway, the simple suppression of
the intellect of the young and sometimes the not-so-young is what allows
companies like tommy hilfiger to flourish and dominate the industry,
eventually putting other companies out of business that make less desirable
(but of equal quality) clothes.

ps do you think a soon-to-be-18-year-old like myself would have a chance
with your 21 year old daughter? no? okay, thanks anyway.

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