MD Socialism? Capitalism? Consumerism? Death Penalty? and so on?

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Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 10:21:58 BST


It has taken me almost half a day to read all the posts I
received over the weekend and I have come to certain conclusions.

If I am wrong then please correct me.

What people on the MOQ must relies is that not all societies are the
The place where I come from is touted as having one of
the most diverse societies in the world. The
reason we are not at war is because we relies this.
What you must relies as an individual and a society is that
what is quality for one society is not necessarily quality for
another. (Remember that quality is dynamic)

Rules that work in your country might not work in another.

China has a law on how many children you as a family may
have. Many of us might say this is barbaric. I'd say yes it
is barbaric if it where to be applied in my country. But China
that has one of the largest populations in the world needs
this law to keep there country from being over run by people.
They also have a socialist government. Which seems to work
for them.

The next thing I will say is that I am a individualist. I
look out for myself before I look out for anybody else. But you
must remember that includes my environment. Because I see
my environment as part of me. Not as a separate entity. I see
change for quality as starting at the individual level.

It is easy to sit back and criticize other countries or societies
as being barbaric. If you are going to do that at least know where
they are coming from. Where they want to be. Like they say
in the movie 'Arizona Dreaming' IF you want to look at a mans
soul then ask him his dreams. This applies to a societies as well.

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