RE: MD In Defense Of Socialism?

From: Mangiola Nunzio arivia.kom (
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 09:46:07 BST

> R:
> If you have an idea on free energy, I can guarantee you funding on it.
> Seriously. Please write personally though so we don't let everyone else
> in
> on it. (I am you see an extremely adept capitalist)
Ok you wanted it hear it is:

If you dig deep enough into the earth (about 4 Km I think that is about 2.5
miles) the temperature is in the mid 50 degrees Centigrade
(about 100 degrees Fahrenheit) There you can use the heat to drive turbines
and produce electricity.

Now you have the idea find the funding. Sorry I posted to everyone but I
supremely believe that an idea of free energy should be free.

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