RE: MD In Defense Of Socialism?

From: Gerhard Ersdal (
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 23:31:52 BST

To Rog

I accept and support your opinion, but I can not see any reason for using MoQ to support your view. I would think that we would end up supporting many political systems by MoQ.

And I can not say that your first post was giving any acceptance and support for any other political system than your favorite, so maybe you are asking for more than you are willing to give yourself?


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>To Gerhard
>From Rog
>To me, this all boils down to whether quality is for the collective of
>mankind, or for the chosen few. I did read the ZAM and Lila with the ethical
>idea of something like "you should do what is best for the largest group of
>mankind" in my mind, and I can not say I ever had any disagreement between my
>previous ideas and these two books.
>I stress only that this involves value to the individual and the group. The
>individual focus of the US is not only win/lose. When it is done right it is
>win/win. Do what is best for me and my community and my family and the earth.
>I do not agree that the poorest in US or Europe is doing quite nicely, and I
>do think that there is a need for big improvement on their quality of life.
>As long as capitalism is regulated, the worst incidents may be avoided, but
>as US now is headed by what looks like a Donald Duck caricature controlled by
>some of the largest companies in the world, I think we will see a few more
>glimpse of the capitalism as it will work when the few are getting control.
>So your assumptions are that America is run by corporations? You are unaware
>of the immense and diverse power of competing industries/companies,
>attorneys, consumers, government agencies, the president, the legislative
>houses (one democrat and one republican), the media (extremely liberal),
>hollywood, neighborhood groups, state regulations, the judicial branch,
>environmentalists, protestors, etc. You have no idea of how powerful the
>various forces are in the US. You do indeed have a Donald Duck caricature of
>my country. It is nothing like you have been lead to believe. It is not
>that simplistic. Let's agree that neither of us knows that much about the
>other's country. That is the value of this discussion.
>I'm from Stavanger, Norway, and I regard Norway, Sweeden, Germany and UK to
>be runned by socialist ideas, or at least very much influenced by them. I
>would agree to your term "mixed", but the Scandinavian countries are not
>leaning that much towards toward free enterprise (unfortunately more and
>more, in my view).
>Great, I strongly support your freedom to explore such solutions to the
>economic/political spectrum. I hope you support ours too.
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