Re: MD In Defense Of Socialism?

Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 03:11:26 BST

To Marco
>From Rog

Capitalism needs correctives to be effective. Anti trust laws, firstly. And
separation of the three powers (Executive, Legislative, Judiciary); and the
independence of those powers from the market.

Without those correctives, capitalism becomes a fundamentalism, where money is
the only parameter. When the companies can buy Laws, Justice and Governments,
you have another disaster. Many countries of Latin America (Brazil and Mexico,
for example) are there to show you that a Free Market without rules is a
disaster (or, as Horse points out, it is not free). In a poor African or Asian
country it is a mistake to initiate quickly a Capitalistic system. People
to learn how to control such a beast. The Free Market culture is not easy to
adopted by an entire population. Primarily, they need protection from the
invasion of stranger companies. And they need to develop an intellectual
culture, so that they can face the power of the social forces of the market.

I agree heartily. The magic elixer isn't capitalism per se, it is freedom.
The strong can and will exploit the weak if allowed to in any economic or
political system. It has taken hundreds of years for England and the US
(inherenting English and other European traditions) to perfect the balanced
system that exists in the best examples of modern global free enterprise.
And there are still examples of abuse, exploitation and environmental
catastrophe. The social beast is indeed a difficult one to tame.

I also agree with your past emphasis that we need competing economic and
political experiments. We should not put all our eggs in one basket.

Viva la evolution!


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