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Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 11:15:21 BST


> It is a pity that Bo is no longer an active
> subscriber. It would be interesting to hear
> his take on this issue vis a vis the MoQ.

Hi Dave, hope it can be of help.

Bo (16 Oct 2000 to MF):

In chap. 17 (on page 224 bantam ed. 1991) Mr. Pirsig writes. " When they call it freedom, that's not right. ' Freedom' doesn't mean anything. Freedom's just an escape from somenthing negative. The real reason it's so hallowed is that when people talk about it they mean Dynamic Quality. That's what neither the the socialists nor the capitalists ever got figured out. From a static point of view socialism is more moral than capitalism. It's a higher form of evolution. It is an intellectually guided society, not just a society that is guided by mindless traditions".

Here Pirsig says that socialism is an "intellectually guided society"..."a higher form of evolution", consequently communism which is an even purer form must be SUPER-intellectual, so elevated that it is impossible to sustain and quickly collapses into a totalitarianism not to be distinguished from the "ordinary" kind. In other words the highest/best (stable) political system is Social- Democracy.

"That's what gives socialism its drive. But what the socialists left out and what has all but killed their whole undertaking is an absence of a concept of indefinite Dynamic Quality. You go to any socialist city and it's always a dull place because there's little Dynamic Quality."
Yes, communism is all but killed yet the Western democracies have inherited the solidarity strain. Whatever parties or programs the welfare system can't be dropped, democracy is transformed by the "socialist" idea.


The early capitalist democracies were economically "better", but callous regarding the poor, but then the Marxist Revolution changed most of Europe in a social direction .... the most deeply effected one - Germany which was on the verge of communist revolution in the twenties - was scared into a (Q-social) counterrevolution.

I don't think there's a way back from the welfare model of democracy ......if only Intellect could relax a little. In Norway here is a political party that has stronger measurement against crime in its program, but the "intellectuals" make it sound as if voting for that party means lynching in the streets to-morrow. This is complete silliness: admittedly a pattern of Intellec is "leninence", but the central thing is the juridicial system that Richard Budd spoke so much about. No political party - even in majority -could or would dream of cancelling these rights

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