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From: Marty Jorgensen (
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 19:06:56 BST

Bard : This is an excellent post - a very concise statement that summarizes
a lot of what I have been trying to say about how the individual fits in
without being the sole (or soul) entity of importance.

  Dear Colleagues,

  Rog writes:
  Seek not that which is comfortable, but that which is best, and be aware
  that which is best is itself dynamic.

  I believe that this is one of the most important lessons in the study of
MoQ. Allow me to further elaborate by saying that when we cease to think of
ourselves as diverse individuals and instead see ourselves as profoundly
individualistic parts of a immeasurable yet perfect entity which in its
entirety knows all, then this idea of comfort that our egos promote seems
petty indeed. Resultingly, our egos are relegated to their proper status as
the cowards that would shield us from the truth.

  The Bard

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