RE: MD In Defense Of Socialism?

From: marco (
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 16:25:17 BST

> > Roughly speaking, Capitalism does not find advantages in
> > developing poor nations. Instead of creating there "new markets",
> > it tends to create "new products" in the old markets.

> Actually, many 3rd world markets are emerging and are now important to the
> US economy as buyers of goods produced wherever by US companies: China,
> Brazil, Philippines, Argentinia, etc.


The communist China? Very interesting.

About Brazil, Philippines and Argentina, I'd like to know if really the situation is going better there. It seems to me just not. I've recently seen a reporting about Argentina: the phaenomenon of the "Meninos de Rua", originally Brazilian, came out there also.

[BTW: By New Market I mean a place where you sell and buy, hopefully with a similar contractual force. Not a colony where you take Canna Sugar, Meat and Cocaine in change of used technology ]

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