Re: MD Stuck with Map/Territory?

From: Elizaphanian (
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 18:12:37 BST

Hello all,

One thought on this:

> The point is that no map is equal to the territory. Any and all maps are
> never 100% equivalent to the territory. Maps are always less than the
> territory. [The territory is Quality.] Hence Pirisg's books can not be
> Quality! Quality is non-verbal, pre-verbal and beyond verbal. All our
> thoughts and writings are words, are maps.

It seems to me that it should be possible to distinguish between maps of
things which are inherently non-intellectual (by which I mean largely things
at the organic and inorganic levels) and maps of things which are
intellectual. In the former the map has something non-intellectual to
correspond to, mediated by the intellectual understanding, and so it would
be true to me to say the map is not the territory. Yet in understanding
conceptual systems, eg the MoQ, it seems to me that all that is being mapped
is itself intellectual, and that therefore, in a very straightforward sense,
the map IS the territory. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious.


"If what we do now makes no difference in the end then all the seriousness
of life is done away with" - Wittgenstein

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