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From: André (
Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 23:56:57 BST

 --- Matt the Enraged Endorphin
<> wrote: > Hi Platt:
> You said:
> >That's a shame. What part of your essay (or Rorty)
> is true if none of it
> >can be said to be true?
> I think I should have been more specific. Its not
> that "truth" and
> "falsity" have no bearing on our lives. They are,
> in fact, properties of
> sentences.

Hi Matt,

In my view, sentences do not have such inherent
properties. Sentences without interpreters are
meaningless. Truth/Falsity are the properties of the
interpreters of sentences.

I prefer to regard sentences as having latent quality
which, given a quality interpreter causes quality. For
example ... John Lennons "Imagine" or your
run-o-the-mill Mantra.

err ... thassit

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