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Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 16:15:36 BST

Platt & All,

In the west the religion vs science battle ended with religion taking such a
pounding that science (with the help of SOM) is teetering on the edge of
proving that God does not exist. In the Islamic/Muslim nations the science
vs religion battle did not go as well for science, it was subjugated, but
this immoral (Itellectual POV's being 'better' intrinsically than social
POV's)loss by science did indeed cost religion out there; in order to win it
had to develop to such a static level that it precludes the possibility of
Good dynamic change or more correctly slows it to such a level that it is
relatively negligable( I know that no pattern of value can totally preclude
dynamic change). This then is possibly the source of Platt's decline,

However the muslim propensity toward the social level has bred some high
quality patterns of value including developing the Muslim sense of community
to a level we in the West, to our great discredit, simply do not posess.


>From: "Platt Holden" <>
>Subject: MD Islam and MOQ
>Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 08:38:31 -0400
>Hi Thomas:
> > Pardon me, and this should not be the place to discuss this, but
> > how much do you know about islamic societies? Between 600 and ca
> > 1300 AD Islamic culture has been flowering whereas we here in the
> > west were then still groveling in the mud (apart from those few residing
> > church life). The Arabic culture has been partly responsible for the
> > transmission of Greek philosophy to Western Europe (!), Music was
> > developed compared to western music at that time (also mainly focused in
> > churches), Astronomy and mathematics were advanced, Poetry was flowering
> > never before in Arabic countries..... etc etc
>It might be interesting to explain in terms of the MOQ the demise of the
>Arabic culture after 1300 and the rise of the West. It appears the West
>lifted itself into the intellectual level while Islam slipped back to the
>social. Assuming that's true, the question is why.
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