RE: MD Bush Sends Troops to West Nile

From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 20:05:19 BST

okay okay. I will blame it on the lack of archives. But I thought
you brought up all these points when Bush's intelligence was
questioned so it kind of came off that way to me. I am not sure exactly
your point. I never hear conservatives talk about how smart
liberals are either. Isn't the idea that each think they are smarter.
I will come out and say it though. I do think Bush is pretty unintelligent. If
you want I can pull up this discussion by a person who
closely worked with Bush and helped get him elected.
He listed all of these very common knowledge things that Bush never heard
of---he commented how he thought it did show there was a lack of
curiosity there.

that Onion article is hysterical (everybody check it out
Operation Desert Off!
  "These cowards want to bring down our very way of life," Bush said. "They
have sought to rob us of our ability to leave the house without repellent. But
what they did not count on is the tremendous spirit and resolve of the
American people. No one, be they man or mosquito, will dictate what we put or
don't put on our skin for protection."


>Nuh uh. I most certainly did not accuse him of being smart or dumb. I
>accused people of being gullible to believe the constant pattern of the left
>of painting almost every AMERICAN conservative leader as a brain donor. It is
>tacky for serious critics (as opposed to the Onion) to resort to this type of
>ad hominem attack. Once the media sets their sites on something though, you
>can be sure they will build the case to prove it.
>To clarify, my point is that I know nothing of Bush's intelligence, but I do
>know to be wary of the constant liberal smear campaign to characterize
>conservatives as stupid. They can't ALL be dumb. Can they?
>Proud not to subscribe to either party,
>Relevant excerpts from post:
>Isn't it cool the way the entire world hasn't had a smart conservative leader
>in at least 3 generations? This is either the most incredible coincidence
>ever, or perhaps a manifestation of 50 years of 3rd grader argumentation as
>espoused by those with an anticonservative perspective and the knowledge that
>if you repeat something often enough people will start to believe it (often
>combined with the position that "liberals are just too smart.")...
>Seriously though, I am indeed just railing against a sloppy bias in
>political "commentary"...
>(I lived in Texas for much of the time Bush was there, and was myself
>EXTREMELY unimpressed with the man's leadership)
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