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From: Valence * (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 19:04:12 BST

Hey Davor and all,
First to Erin - I loved that Britney Spears joke... hope you don't mind if I
use it. Now...

>maybe I am just ignorant or something but weren't there a few people in the
>US that voted for this man and is therefore the representation of democracy
>of the US?

While it's true that millions voted bush, let us never forget that almost a
million more voted for Gore. If the US were a true democracy (rather than a
republic) Al Gore would be our president. Maybe you'd care to discuss the
pros/cons of the electoral college system from an MoQ perspective.

Shouldn't the question
>be;''why did all these people vote in favour of Bush? I think this whole
>dumb/smart discussion completely misses MOQ perspective, don't you?
>Shouldn't the discussion be focused at why an intellectual
>pattern(democracy) has degenerated into Bush?(ok a bit rigid, I'll admit)
>or how well Bush upholds the fundamental values of the free democratic

     So why did Bush get millions of votes (or why, as Davor asks, has the
system "degenerated" to Bush)? Well, there's no singular or simple answer
here. But I would put a good deal of the blame on the notion that our
American democracy has "latched" into a relatively strict "2-party" system.
In any given presidential election, there are really only 2 candidates that
have a chance of winning (the republican or the democrat). Therefore, if
there is an issue you really care about, you pretty much consigned to voting
for whichever of the two candidates is closer to representing that
position... even if you find the candidate lackluster in other ways.
      Moreover, polls and studies consistently show that most Americans
don't vote FOR one of the candidates as much as they vote AGAINST the other.
  That is, neither candidate is appealing so the voter tends to vote against
the one they're more "frightened" by.


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