Re: MD just pulling my beard

From: drose (
Date: Mon Sep 21 1998 - 04:45:44 BST

Hi, glove and Squad!

My, my. I'm not sure I should go here.

glove, the DQ is always changing, it must be so or it would be static. It makes
no sense to confine it to 4 levels, particularly when a 5th level is necessary
to describe Quality.

I'm not so sure that more than 5 levels are necessary, or even possible.

The four levels leave out, for want of a better term, spirit. I know I'm
treading deep water here - but, hey, the worst I can be is wrong. If all can be
contained within the 4 levels, then why are we compelled (?) to seek Quality?
There is no reason I can think of why we should even be interested in the
question of Q's existence. It is not necessary.

My vocabulary, or Language is so inadequate.

I prepare to duck even as I hit the SEND button.



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