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    It seems true. Life might best be experienced moment by moment, or breath
    by breath.


    At 03:27 PM 12/31/2004 -0500, you wrote:
    >In this little snippet from ZMM;
    >Or if he takes whatever dull job he's stuck with...and they are all,
    >sooner or later, dull...and, just to keep himself amused, starts to look
    >for options of Quality, and secretly pursues these options, just for
    >their own sake, thus making an art out of what he is doing, he's likely
    >to discover that he becomes a much more interesting person and much less
    >of an object to the people around him because his Quality decisions
    >change him too. And not only the job and him, but others too because the
    >Quality tends to fan out like waves. The Quality job he didn't think
    >anyone was going to see is seen, and the person who sees it feels a
    >little better because of it, and is likely to pass that feeling on to
    >others, and in that way the Quality tends to keep on going. My personal
    >feeling is that this is how any further improvement of the world will be
    >done: by individuals making Quality decisions and that's all.
    >you see a sorta Zen like thinking. You might notice the word
    >'individuals' in " . . . by individuals making Quality decisions." In
    >Zen thinking, you cure the world from within. It doesn't mean cure
    >yourself and stop, but by starting from within, you expand out to your
    >family, your circle of friends, your state, your Gov., and your world.
    >You may see things from a high Quality level, but you must interact on a
    >low Quality level. From your high Quality, or DQ, you interact with the
    >static patterns, or SQ, and just by doing so, you improve the world.
    >If you look upon war as you would a natural disaster in your little
    >small part of the world, you know that these natural disasters are
    >temporary, as war is temporary. Nature cures itself, and society cures
    >itself, just as Pirsig's thoughts show the insane cure themselves. Just
    >as a hurricane does not kill your neighborhood, neither does war kill
    >society. What is happening in Iraq, for whatever reasons -- the reasons
    >don't really matter, as there is nothing you can do now, just as you
    >can't stop a hurricane -- it is a matter of the social patterns being
    >destroyed. You can relate this to the shock therapy Pirsig went through;
    >from the cultural patterns, within and without, there was nothing left
    >but DQ. This DQ builds a new culture, in Pirsig's case, a culture of
    >one; in Iraq's case, a culture of society.
    >As an individual, what we can best do is discuss it among our family
    >and friends, and if we are in a position to where we can discuss it
    >around those who make the decisions, there as well. But as an individual
    >who is not in position to change what is going on, all we can offer is
    >our Quality to everyone around us. Maybe we can show that there is more
    >Quality in making your own decisions as opposed to the decisions that
    >are made for you from the media. To me, this kind of Quality could make
    >a huge difference in the world, but it is only one small step, and all
    >we can make is small steps; one Quality decision after another.
    >Sometimes, doing nothing, or what gives off the idea we are doing
    >nothing, is actually doing more that if we took action.
    >Don't take this as heartless thinking, as I do see the suffereing in
    >Iraq and Afgainistan, but I also see suffering all over the world,
    >including here in the US that can have just as devistating effects.
    >I think the idea is 'Think' on the higher levels, but you must interact
    >on the lower levels. Maybe just living a Quality life is one of the most
    >mystical events that can happen in your world. Just living a Quality
    >life can change the world more than taking action to change the world.
    >As Pirsig says, this Quality fans out.
    >We can't suffer enough to stop the suffering of others, but we can make
    >Quality decisions, one right after another, that will eventually fan
    >out. Like the butterfly flapping her wings on the other side of the
    >world, our Quality decisions do make a difference. It doesn't have to be
    >active, as the serenity we act with can affect the peacefulness of those
    >we don't even know we are communicating with.

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