Re: MD Partisan Politics, Labels and Distraction (was terrorism)

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Sun Oct 23 2005 - 12:23:11 BST

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    > [Platt]
    > People are basing their decisions on what they consider to be Quality as
    > they have since the beginning of time. I fail to see the connection between
    > a metaphysics based on morality and whether I choose a Honda or a Rolls
    > Royce in the marketplace. Perhaps you can explain.
    > [Arlo]
    > And as Pirsig pointed out in ZMM, they had no provisions for morals in the
    > production and consumption of goods, part of the century of post-Industrial
    > revolution decay caused by an amoral metaphysics. As for you question, I
    > shouldn't have to explain it, Pirsig already did an excellent job of that
    > in ZMM. And if you try to pervert what I said into "Honda versus Royles
    > Royce", then I don't think you understood ZMM at all.

    I guess not. Naturally your interpretation must be the only right one.
    But, if you can't apply it to specifics like Hondas vs. Rolls-Royces, or
    Hondas vs. Harleys, I have my doubts.

    > [Platt]
    > Again, I don't think Pirsig wrote his books to interfere with people's free
    > choices in the free market. It wasn't his style to be like Richard Rigel,
    > "Full of great ways for others to improve without any expense to
    > themselves." (Lila, 7)
    > [Arlo]
    > Jeez. Do I have to say this in every post? My fingers are a' achin'! No,
    > Pirsig did not want to interfere with the "free market", he wanted to give
    > people a means to appreciate Quality in production and consumption, an
    > absence of which created a "free market" overloaded with junk.

    If that's your interpretation, so be it. Sounds to me like you want to
    make ZMM into some sort of self-help sermon along the lines of Dr. Phil or
    Dr. Laura. That's not what I got out of it. But, as freedom dictates, to
    each his own. :-)


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