Re: MD Heroes, ethnocentrism, Qualtiy, and War

Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 17:05:09 GMT

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    Hi Platt,

    Your replies were, of course, expected. And they are not the imaginative
    thoughts I am looking for. THanks anyways.

    You said:
    Well, without universals, it's just your opinion against the dictator's.
    And he's got the guns.

    Andy: Yes, and this is why we need some vision. The way out is to make it
    the world's opinion against the dictator or any other unelected leader who
    has the guns. I can see progress in achieveing this vision around the
    world today.

    You answered my: There is something to be said to the secret police.
    Mainly, “Get the hell out of my house.” with:

    Like that's going to really scare them away.

    Andy: Of course, by the time the secret police comes through the door
    there will be little to do to deter them from achieving whatever objective
    they came with to achieve. So, I don't suppose my telling them to leave
    will scare them. However, the point of this statement was to make it a
    priority of any society to prevent abuses of power that allow the
    infringement of civil liberties by governments and the secret police. In
    America, I don't presently see progress in this vision.

    You suggest:
    What needs to be done to dictators who intentionally use overt physical
    force on others is to kill them like bugs.

    I wonder: What price do you put on such an objective. How many innocent
    civilians would you be willing to let die "like bugs" while trying to
    squish this dictator. I don't have much sympathy for brutal dictators
    anywhere in the world, but killing people "like bugs" is the most inhumane
    suggestion one can imagine. Thanks for putting some thought into your
    reply though.

    Finally, you remark:
    I guess so. Utopia is still a dream.

    Andy: Indeed, and what would life be if we weren't allowed to dream?

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