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Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 14:49:31 BST

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    Dear Wim,

    Welcome back from vacation. I hope you had a wonderful time and have
    returned refurbished and refreshed.

    We do indeed share a belief in the divine inner light that binds all.
    However, I am more reluctant than you to interfere, if that's the right
    word, in the affairs of others, either individuals or nations, trusting rather
    in that higher power to work things out for the better. I believe implicitly
    in the central advice of 10-step programs: "Let go, let God." That doesn't
    mean that I will sit idly by if threatened. But it does mean that, unlike
    you, I see some benefit in pain and suffering for their motivating effects,
    "the negative face of Quality that drives the whole process." (29) To
    deny the value of learning from the pain of one's bad choices denies the
    essence of individual autonomy and responsibility. So for that and other
    reasons, namely the preeminent value of freedom, I favor a social policy
    of benign neglect.

    But, I could be wrong.


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