Re: MF Dave's Slips (Defining the Intellectual Level)

Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 14:42:01 BST

Hello All Mof. (I love you)

Horse forward this compound topic:

> Of all the levels, the one that seems to create the most confusion
> or appear most obscure is the intellectual level. What exactly is
> it? What are its values? What are its goals? How does it manifest
> itself? Why should intellectual level values prevail over social
> level values? Are intelligence and intellectual value the same
> thing. In short, define the intellectual level.

It is with a kind of "deja vu" I approach the intellect issue - one I
have never really left since we started discussing Pirsig's ideas
almost three years ago - because it is here that the MOQ "takes
off". Surely, it takes off at the start by rejecting the subject-object
metaphysics, but so many don't know they are airborne until
intellect is brought up.

We can see it demonstrated in David Sater (warmly welcome David
S. - it must be as we have two Davids already) who starts with a
long list of phenomenon which can be deemed "intellectual" - and
asks for more. A task I think we will be at five years from now and
still don't see any end to). No, something much more general has
to be hammered out ...... everyone fear what's coming from me
and cringe :-) but wait.

Marco and I went off on a thread about intellect at the end of the
previous month so I'll use this as a pretext to challenge Marco to
step on to the soap box and tell how he defines intellect within this
topic's frame. Personally I find the last part

> Are intelligence and intellectual value the same
> thing.

the most intriguing and am looking forward to a lot of provocative

Bo -

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