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Date: Sun Oct 03 2004 - 19:50:58 BST

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    On 27 September 9:35 AM Scott R writes to M et al.


    [Scott] There is a more general moral question, though, and that is how we
    consider intellect in general, never mind those few who are mystically
    inclined. I'm kind of surprised that in Lila and in this forum there is very
    attention paid to intellect itself. Well, in Lila there wouldn't be room --
    it is already a full-length book without going into it, except to make the
    valid point that intellect trumps the social, and discussion around it. But
    there is no discussion along the lines of "what is intellect", in fact in
    LC, Pirsig says he purposely did not go into it, on the grounds that those
    who read Lila know what it is. In a sense he is correct, but in another
    sense, we don't really know. The unique difference between intellect and
    the other levels is that intellect can reflect on itself. That means it can
    be self-evolving. It is DQ and SQ all right here available to us to think
    about, but nobody seems to care. I find that perplexing.

    Hi Scott et al:

    [Joe] Intellect is only one pole of evolution. I find evolution itself the
    more interesting subject. I envision a sentient equally at a loss to explain
    the origins of organic, social or intellectual levels from the inorganic
    level. In that sense I have to reject the idea that: "The unique difference
    between intellect and the other levels is that intellect can reflect on
    itself." I would rather say that there is an increase in self awareness in
    the different levels. The ability of an individual of each level to
    interpret and manipulate the DQ which forms the level is an example of self-
    awareness. The tree exhibits different behavior from the rock? The tree
    feeds. It responds to a force beyond gravity. Once three forms of awareness
    to examine behavior proper to each is present to a sentient then I envision
    a startling jump in self-awareness. Since the sentient is composed of three
    different levels, the self-awareness of each is available for consideration.
    IMO the moral levels, are present to awareness, and logic and behavior arise
    from an awareness of the levels.

    [Joe] IMO the self-awareness of a sentient uses only one level at a time as
    a source for action until it builds motivations from the other levels. The
    individual sentient is capable of being logical and moral from one level,
    but is more prone to being illogical and immoral when acting from only one
    level. For example the absent-minded professor forgets his umbrella on a
    rainy day. He loses his life to pneumonia, while pondering the theory of
    relativity. The evidence for the value of increasing motivations from all
    the levels is exemplified by some who have built and write about such a
    conscious platform. Mechanical behavior (from one level) and conscious
    behavior (from a recognition of other moral levels) are possible for a

    [JOE] I envision individuals having a center of gravity in one or the other
    of the levels, and the remaining levels having decreasing influence.
    Increasing self-awareness is very important! I am very impressed with Pirsig
    using of evolution to moral levels.


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