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From: David Buchanan (
Date: Sun Oct 03 2004 - 23:45:58 BST

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    Scott said to David M:
    Notice that you start with one question (how do we describe awareness) but
    then you drop that question entirely when you get into cataloguing
    patterns. Cataloging patterns is a good thing to do, but it cannot help in
    answering the original question. ...My answer is that one cannot describe
    awareness, no more than one can describe Quality. What one can do is point
    out general forms in which awareness and value occurs....

    dmb says:
    I know this is a different thread, but these comments are part of the "bit
    of reasoning" debate. If I see what you're doing here, it seems you've
    isolated "awareness" in a way that Pirsig doesn't intend. The MOQ says that
    the ultimate reality is immediate experience. The whole thing begins with
    and proceeds from awareness. Awareness is the most fundamental thing of all.
    All patterns of value are based on it, the world is built of it and there is
    nothing else. Its all about levels and degrees of consciousness.

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