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Date: Mon Oct 04 2004 - 17:54:14 BST

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    On 04 October 2004 4:18 AM MarshaV writes:


    [MarshaV] Where are the women? If there are no women on this list, is it
    because they have not felt invited? Have you been intimidating? Do you
    think their voice is not valuable? Do you think they do not seek quality,
    or Quality? Do you think Quality would exclude the feminine/Feminine? Where
    are the women on this list?

    Hi MarshaV and all,

    Great question! Erin Noonan, and Maggie Hettinger were great contributors in
    the past. Apparently in the Adam and Eve story something has been horribly
    assumed. That men/male are responsible for life. In an evolutionary picture
    a physiological difference does not indicate a difference in levels. Look at
    the variety of molecules, flora, animals, skin color and shapes.

    I want to see the dynamic of the intellectual level as 'unfinished s/o'. I
    do not see any indication of gender in that formulation. I want to see the
    dynamic of the social level as 'existence (order)'. Gender appears. Is it
    possible that men emphasize the unfinished, and women emphasize the orderly?
    There is not a big enough difference to indicate different levels. 'Emphasis
    ' has been substituted for 'evolution'. Responsibility has followed
    'emphasis'. That is very illogical. Say it louder, and it becomes more true
    becomes my logic as a man/male. So much for logic!


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