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            To be sexist isn't to favor one gender to the other. It isn't to
    think that one gender is superior or weaker than the other. To be sexist
    is simply to divide the world by sex.
            Everyone has a set of characteristics that makes up themselves
    and a lot of people tend to divide the world by one of these
    characteristics. Some people see race, some people see social status,
    some people see gender ect.
            You divide the world one way you get groups of people that may
    not have much in common other than that one characteristic. You divide
    the world by another characteristic and people go into different groups
    with people they wouldn't be with in another group.
            To say "women aren't treated equally" is to divide the world by
    gender. Some women have trouble in society, some don't. Some tall people
    have trouble in society, some don't but you would say "tall people
    aren't treated equally".
            There is only one woman on this group? How many short people are
    on here? How many people with brown hair? How many Toyota owners? What
    other groups aren't fairly represented?
            There are just people here. We all have our own characteristics.
    Some people might be tall here, some might be Jamaican, some might have
    short hair. I think everyone should have equal say no matter which set
    of sex organs you happen to have.

    Nick Clair
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    When I was early married, there were times when my husband and I would
    disagree. During those times when we would try to promote our different

    opinions, my husband would eventually say, "You're not being
    logical!'. The statement would usually stop me in my tracks. I was a
    woman, women are not logical, therefore, I was not logical. I was
    stuck. I thought.

    So,what to do? I signed up for an undergraduate class: Symbolic Logic
    Formal Reasoning. (I had already taken a few philosophy classes.) The
    class was great, and I went on to read a number of different books on
    reason, thinking and even the 'scientific method'. It was all
    fascinating, but there were also some flaws.

    I began listening to people, educated and uneducated. My experience was

    that very few people in their normal lives, both home and
    social/professional, both male and female, use 'formal logic'. The case

    that most people (male or female) use to present their perspective
    lots of stuff other than logic.

    There is lots of LOGIC used on this elist. It's all extremely
    interesting. But if it's not a tool that humanity really uses, how does

    any of this apply to 'living a life'??? I doubt that most people (West)

    ever have considered making life choices based on Quality. (Maybe
    tries to guide them, but....) If you're not looking to disseminate a
    useful philosophy, what are you trying to do?

    Where are the women? If there are no women on this list, is it because
    they have not felt invited? Have you been intimidating? Do you really
    think their voice is not valuable? Do you think they do not seek
    or Quality? Do you think Quality would exclude the
    feminine/Feminine? Where are the women on this list?


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